Facility Management

Efficiency, cost savings and continuous improvement from our facility management experts

In an ideal world, real estate executives manage facilities that operate flawlessly, freeing them to focus on real estate strategies that contribute to greater business and financial goals. In reality, many spend most of their time handling routine facility and maintenance tasks.

We know that the ideal can be reality. We have helped our clients to manage their facilities with maximum efficiency, safety and employee comfort, and dramatically reduce costs in the process. We have shared with all of our clients best practices we have refined and practised while managing office, industrial, technical, manufacturing, critical environments and one-of-a-kind facilities on five continents—often for the same client. Our facility management professionals apply their hands-on experience to drive maximum value and efficiency in your commercial property portfolio. We have offices in Plovdiv, Sunny Beach and representative offices in London and Moscow. MP Group Ltd. has a great number of partners in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, and in other European countries.