1. Are there any mortgages or loans over the properties?
  2.          No, there are no mortgages or loans over our properties. We declare in the preliminary contract that the property is free of any obligations and burdens to third persons. In addition, you can check the status of the property – the procedure usually takes only a week, and the costs are less than € 1.

  3. At what stage of completion are the properties offered?
  4.          The properties are delivered in a ‘turn-key’ status, in condition described in details in the preliminary contract. In addition we offer separate furniture packages that may not be included in the preliminary price. We do offer several of these packages, so please do consult us to establish which option will be most profitable and convenient for you.

  5. Do you provide a cable TV in the apartments?
  6.          Yes, we do provide cable TV in the apartments of our developments with no additional costs, as it is included in the annual maintenance fee.

  7. Do you offer a maintenance contract?
  8.          Yes, we offer such a contract. The benefits it offers are full annual maintenance of your property and hassle free renting seasons.

  9. How much is the maintenance fee according to the contract?
  10.          It depends on the development and on the type of the apartment, and its total square meters etc. Please do consult us for more information.

  11. What is the payment scheme?
  12.          It depends on the property. Apollonia Beach development is already completed completed and as such, the payment scheme is as follows:

    • EUR 1,000 – reservation fee; valid 2 weeks after the payment
    • 50% of the price – upon signing the preliminary contract
    • 50% of the price – within six months after signing the preliminary contract

    For Royal Bay development, we offer the following scheme of payment:

    • EUR 1,000 – reservation fee; valid 2 weeks after the payment
    • 25% of the price – upon signing the preliminary contract
    • 45% of the price – on roof stage
    • 30% of the price – on Permit of Usage

    For Chateau Royal Golf and Spa we do not have current payment schemes as the development is in its initial phase.

  13. Is there any possibility for change of the payment scheme?
  14.          Yes, it is possible. MP Group Ltd. Bulgaria always values the fulfillment of its clients’ requirements, and we can discuss with you any changes in the payment scheme, in order to be in compliance you’re your financial needs.

  15. Do you give a discount if someone buys more than one apartment?
  16.          Yes, the amount of the discount depends on the number of the apartments bought, on their price and on the type of the apartments. There is also a possibility for a discount if someone pays a larger amount in one installment.

  17. Which additional services can you offer to your clients?
  18.          We offer viewings to our clients. We can provide airport transfer and accommodation to clients who wish to come and see our developments by themselves. We have an office in Bulgaria’s most famous resort Sunny Beach where our experienced English speaking staff can assist you if you need help.

  19. Do you offer guaranteed rental income to your clients?
  20.          Yes, we do. We are currently reviewing offers from tour operators for Appolonia Beach and Royal Bay. Please contact us for more information.

  21. Do you offer rental management to your clients?
  22.          Yes, we offer rental management; the clients may conclude additional agreement with our company for finding tourists; this is only an option by their own choice. Additional information is available on request.

  23. Is it necessary for a foreigner to establish a company in Bulgaria to be able to buy an apartment?
  24.          No, this is not necessary. Establishing a company is needed only in case of acquiring the land. We sell only the apartments so that you do not need to pass through this long procedure.